Promoting and Funding for Leadership and Educational Programs

Undergraduate brothers with Jarett Wait ’80 and Andrew Ross Sorkin ’99 at the DealBook Conference during Career Weekend.

Sigma Pi International Leadership and Educational Programs

The Educational Foundation has promoted the participation of Mu Chapter brothers to attend Sigma Pi International leadership and Educational Programs including Sigma Pi International Fraternity Mid-Year Leadership Conference, Sigma Pi International University, and the 52nd Biennial Sigma Pi International Convocation. These programs are extremely beneficial learning experiences for the undergraduate leaders of Mu Chapter, educating the attendees on the process on leading and managing the Chapter.

TakeNote – Foundation funding for software program, supplemental lecture notes for undergraduate brothers

The Foundation funded the purchase of a one-year Take Note software subscription for the entire brotherhood. Take Note is an organization that provides high quality supplemental lecture notes for Cornell undergraduates. TakeNote was founded at Cornell in 1985, and was cited by the Chronicle of Higher Education as one of the best student learning tools in the country. TakeNote Online allows students to access their notes 24/7 from a computer, iPad, iPhone, or tablet. The online service enables students to highlight text and leave comments on the page, as well as create their own notecards and study guides. The Foundation hopes that this investment will help lead to an overall increase in the GPA of the brotherhood.

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